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Punta Cana-Bávaro-Cabeza de toro-Uvero Alto
Kite surf lessons

Do you want to discover kite surfing, and learn how to master the wind? Your IKO Instructor will introduce you to various aspects of the sport, and teach you essential skills on land before progressing to the water, providing safety instruction throughout. With your dedicated IKO Instructor, you will learn; safety procedures, how to assess the wind as related to your physical location, use of safety systems, equipment management, set-up, and control of the kite.

Why learn with us

Have fun, and take memories home with you that will last a lifetime. Our priority, is teaching you the skills you need to get out on the water quickly, safely, and effectively. Doing this means learning from the best. Our IKO certified instructors come with 15+ years of teaching experience. What's more, you will be equipped with everything you need, from board, helmet, and flotation device, to your all important kite.

Your IKO Instructor will evaluate your level and train you until you master all the skills relative to the course. When you successfully complete a course at any IKO Center, you will be certified and receive an IKO Member Card that certifiy the level you have reached


Our IKO instructors speak  English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.



Iko certified school


Punta Cana

Dominican Republic

Tel: +1 8295647815

WhatsApp: +1 8295647815

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