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Iko certified


Iko certified instructor 


Whatever your kiteboarding level is, IKO methods are designed to make you


learn and progress quickly and safely with an IKO Certified Instructor. Your IKO


Instructor will evaluate your level and train you until you master all the skills


relative to the course. When you successfully complete a course at any IKO


Center, you will be certified and receive an IKO Member Card that certifiy the


level you have reached.

Our IKO instructors speak  English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

Iko member card

When you learn to kiteboard in an IKO Certified Instructor or an IKO Affiliated


Center, you receive an IKO Member Card showing your skills and level of


certification. This IKO Member Card is your Kiteboarding passport, it is


recognized and acknowledge worldwide. This is extremely important as some


centers even request you present your card in order to rent equipment or to


continue with more advanced kite courses. Carry this Card with you and record


your liability insurance number on it. This way, you are never left searching for


it in a sporting emergency!  What is more, if you already have kiting experience


and are not certified yet, you can easily get an IKO Member Card by going to


any IKO Affiliated Kite Center and asking an IKO Instructor to check your level


and to certify you.

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